Prince of persia

By | July 8, 2018

Prince of persiaPrince of Persia was first created by a man named Jordan Mechner in 1989. At that time he worked at the developer broderbund which was a tiny company runs by 2 brothers. Pop was the only game that helped the company funancially success. It released in various consoles at that time. To study in a film school Jordan Mechner left the broderbund company. When he returned after four years they started working for the pop 2: the shadow and the flame. He was the creative adviser of broderbund. The game was a absolute commercial success.

In 2001 Ubisoft acquired the company. A producer named Yannis Mallat made animations for a new pop tittle and showed it to Mechner, which was the pop the sands of time. It wrote it Mechner and he was also the voice dirrector of the sands of time. The sands of time released in 2003. After that they decided to make a new pop. In the year of 2004 they released pop the Warrior Within which was another success. Though Mechner not involved in pop Warrior Within production. Again after one year they released pop the two thrones in 2005. This game was much easier then the last one. After becoming the CEO of Ubisoft Yannis Mallat start working on a new pop game which was a huge fail. It was released in 2008.

After prince of persia 2008 Mechner started on a new pop movie based on the pop the sands of time game. The movie was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. After releasing pop the forgotten sands in 2010 ubisoft stoped the development of pop series. Untill now pop the forgotten sands was their last pop tittle.

The name of the game character is Prince Dastan based on a persian mythology character known as Rostam Dastan. This hero is also based on a real person named Rostam Farrokhzad. He was brother of king Yazdegerd. He was also the commander of the entire Sasanian Empire army. Yazdegerd was the last king of Sasanian empire (year 632 to 651).

The last day of the battle of the arabs, his entire army faced a sandstorm, Hilaal ibn `Ullafah accidently cut the camels gridle. He didn’t know that Rostam was behind it and coz of that it broke Rostam’s back and killed.

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