Street Fighter

By | July 8, 2018

Street Fighter┬áIt’s 1987 when the first street fighter game was born. The fine 2D graphics characters made the game more enjoyable. Ryu and Ken are the signature characters of this game. Street fighter is a 1v1 2D fighting game from the start. After the success of the first street fighter they decided to make a sequal of it and it was 1991 when SF 2 was born. From 1991-1994 they made several version of it. Such as SF 2: The world warrior, street fighter 2: champion edition, street fighter 2 turbo: hyper fighting, super SF 2: the new challengers, super street fighter 2 turbo. A cast of eight characters and with responsive gameplay then the previous one people find it even more enjoyable. SF 2: champion edition is included four cpu bosses from sf 1 as playable character. They also fixed some balance so that players can find it more comfortable.

On sf 2 turbo: hyper fighting they increased speed and some characters special move.
SF 2 featured smooth graphics, updated sound and four new characters. They also returned with some balance changes. sf 2 turbo was the definitive version of sf 2 and one of the best fighting game. SF 2 introduced the super combo and guage mode. Every character has their super guage mode at the bottom screen.

In 1995 they released a new version of street fighter. SF alfa is the successor of sf 2. Till 1998 they released sf alfa 2 and sf alfa 3. SF alfa includes 2 new modes, Multilevel super combo gauge and Alpha counters. In Multilevel super combo gauge people can built up three bars of super meter. For a super attack with a light attack uses one bar, medeum attack uses two and heavy attack uses three bars.

In Alfa counters mode players can perform a counter attack in the middle of blocking and it takes one bar of super guage.
Street fighter alfa 3 gives players another two new modes; Guard meter and ism mode. When blocking opponents attack continiously the guard meter will starting to lose and autometicly refills when not blocking. In ism mode players can choose thre different types of fighting style, A-ism, x-ism and V-ism.

SF 3 was released in 1997. It has three different versions, SF 3: New Generation, SF 3: 2nd Impact and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. SF 3 introduces more new characters such as yun, yang, ibuki, makoto and urien. SF 3 is the most technical fighting system game ever.

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