Worst Video Game

By | September 17, 2018

Worst Video GameI imagine that lots of people will say Minecraft, Fortnite, or something like that, but I’ll have to go with Counter-Strike.

When it comes to game fanbases, I’ve never seen anything worse. Most CS players are very toxic and extremely hostile towards newcomers. At least that’s how it is on EU servers. Can’t speak for USA since I haven’t played there.

Speaking of which, if you search on YouTube for solo CS:GO, you’ll basically see that 99% of those who make these videos are from the USA. Know why? Because no sane man will play solo CS with randoms.

People screaming, kids squeaking, guys that have apparently fucked both your Mother and you, you name it. Just a horrible fanbase/community.

Now, I’m not saying that every CS player is like that. I’ve met numerous cool people in this game.

In order to build this base, you need to gather lots of resources and blueprints that are scattered through the huge world of this game. And that’s what I did.

It was Saturday. So, I was free to play games all day long. I launched Subnautica and kept on building a base and vehicles for the full day non-stop.

I’m just saying that the vast majority of CS players in Europe. They are some of the worst people I’ve ever met. Mostly in solo queue, of course.

But, it could also be that the worst people are those that end up in solo queue cause nobody really wants to play with them.


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