Rift Keeper

Rift Keeper

Rift Keeper is a 2D Pixel Art Action game. It is published by Frymore. This game released January 2019 on Multi-Platform such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This game has 30 different dungeons. You can Find new weapons and accessories, increase your power. So, we will share some information about Rift Keeper of Nintendo switch.

TitleID : The Title ID of this game is 0100AC600D898000

Language: US (ENG)

Linked Account: There is no need any Linked account.

Meta SDK version: The meta SDK version is

Program SDK version: The program SDK version is

Firmware:  The required firmware version of this game is 8.1.0. It can able to patch into 7.0.0.

Regions: America, Europe

Release Date: 17/12/2019 (Nintendo Switch)

Require Storage: This game requires 491.94 MB storage on your SD Card or your Device storage.

Rating: The rating of this game from Steam 6/10 and Metacritic TBD.

Gameplay on Nintendo Switch

You can also check the video proof to ensure that the game is working or not. This game is working fine on firmware 9.0.1.